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Booking Information

1. Passports
A full passport is required by all British citizens to visit India and can be obtained from your nearest Passport Office. You should allow two to eight weeks for your passport to be issued (depending on the time of year), if you need to apply for one. Children under 16 who are included on an adult's passport may not travel unless accompanied by that adult.  Please note, from 5th October 1999 all children under 16 must have their own passport, this only applies to new passports issued from this date.
All other Foreign Nationals without a full passport should check with their relevant Passport office for details about the issuing of passports. Non-British citizens and British citizens not holding a British passport should check with their relevant consulate in the UK or in their own country.

2. Visas
All foreign nationals must have a visa when intending to travel to India. If you do not have a valid visa when checking in for your flight to India you will be denied boarding.
PLEASE NOTE: Please check especially carefully where you have elected to include children on an adults visa - it has been known for them to be omitted causing upset and frustration at time of departure.
For travellers residing in the UK the Indian High Commission in London (Tel: 0207 8368484), the Consulates General of India in Birmingham (Tel:0121 2122782) and Edinburgh (Tel: 131 229 2144) issue visas. If you want to obtain a visa quickly, personal applications are usually processed on a 'same day' basis. It is best to call before making your journey to establish that a) they will be open as they always observe not only local public holidays but also all public holidays in India, and b) check out the current application procedures.
Alternatively, you can apply by sending a postal application, but allow up to five weeks for processing, or use a visa agency which charge their own fee of around £15.00 per passport in addition to the official fee.

You must also supply three photos of yourself for your application to go through. Visa application forms are available from the Indian High Commission or Consulates, or online on London High Commission

For Travellers residing outside of the UK details of the types of visas available and their fees may be obtained from the High Commission of India or the Indian Embassy. These will be located in the Capital City of the relevant country or on the web pages of the local Indian Tourist Office.

3. Health Requirements
There is no obligation to produce vaccination certificates when arriving direct from Europe or North America. However, some vaccinations are recommended (see below) and we suggest that you consult your doctor in good time about health requirements for travelling to Goa and India. Anti malarial tablets are advised to be taken

Travelling to India on 1 to 5 months currently recommend protection against the following infections:

Click here to read more about the vaccinations above

Tap water is not drinkable. Use bottled water at all times (also advisable for brushing teeth). Avoid ice and salads washed in tap water.

4. International Driver's Licence
You will require an international drivers license to hire a car, scooter or motorcycle. An International Driving Permit (IDP) allows you to drive a private motor vehicle overseas when accompanied by a valid UK driving licence. IDPs are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. In the UK, these are available from the AA and costs £5.00. You will need to take a passport size photograph and a full UK driver's licence

5. Local Currency
The currency you require for Goa is Indian Rupees. However, you will not be able to take any Indian currency into Goa with you from another country. Currencies can be exchanged throughout Goa. You will have no difficulty changing either dollar or sterling traveller's cheques or cash.

We would advise that you shop around to get the best exchange rates as they will fluctutate greatly between local money exchanges, bank and hotels. We would further advise that, unless you are making an immediate purchase above this amount, you restrict each exchange to £100.  If you are using local money exchange bureaus, they tend to give the rupees in 100 Rupees notes and £100 would give you the rough equivalent of a brick sized amount of notes.
Goa airport normally has a bank open on arrival and there are numerous Exchange Bureaux in Panjim, Calangute, Baga, Colva, Margao and other towns in Goa. Cash withdrawals can be made by credit card at some banks in Calangute, Panjim and Margao.

REMEMBER: Don't forget to inform your credit card company that you are travelling to India and are intending to use your card there. Your credit card company is likely to prevent you using your card in India unless you notify them prior to your arrival there as India is seen as a high risk area for usage of credit cards.


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