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Terms Of Business

The service we provide to you

1          Services: Cubana Holiday Homes Ltd t/a Eclipse Property Management's objective is to offer the independent traveler a wide choice of quality accommodation in Goa.

2          Booking: Bookings will be accepted by email. A provisional booking will be made at the time of booking but will only be confirmed subject to the following - we have received a fully completed booking form, and payment of a deposit has been made, cleared with our bank and a confirmation receipt issued. We reserve the right to decline any booking.

3          Prices: All prices are shown in pounds sterling. Prices may change until such time a booking is made, however there will be no changes to prices after a booking confirmation invoice is issued, subject to payments being made as below.

4          If we have to cancel your reservation: If the property reserved is not available for reasons beyond the control of the company, Cubana Holiday Homes Pvt Ltd will offer another dwelling of similar or improved conditions than the one reserved, always maintaining the price of the original property. The client will be timely informed of this possibility and may always choose to cancel the reservation with the return of any monies paid when making the reservation.  The above offer will not apply where the cancellation by us arises out of non- payment or late payment on any part of the cost of the holiday when cancellation charges will apply.

5          Our Liability To You: We are not liable for any claims for emotional or psychiatric injury or distress, loss or damage to your baggage, and loss or damage or anything occurring from the results of theft or attempted theft. We shall have no legal liability whatsoever to you for any loss, damage, personal injury or death which you suffer arising directly or indirectly from any aspect of your holiday.

6          “Force Majeure”: Cubana Holiday Homes Pvt Ltd cannot accept responsibility for circumstances beyond our control, eg Acts of God, War, Civil Disturbance, Strikes or other Industrial Actions, Acts of Government or failure of public supplies. For example telephone and cable TV services, water and electricity supplies and electricity voltage which can fluctuate and at times may be insufficient to power air-conditioning units, TVs and stereo equipment particularly during peak usage periods i.e. 6-11pm. Neither is the company responsible for noise or disturbance originating beyond the boundaries of the holiday accommodation or which is beyond the control of the company. We do not accept liability where the performance and/or prompt performance of our contract is affected or prevented by reason of circumstance amounting to force majeure.

7          Building Work: Cubana Holiday Homes Pvt Ltd cannot be held responsible for building work that starts without our knowledge, if we become aware of building works that could affect the quality of your holiday, we will contact you and offer, if available, similar or better accommodation (based on current website price) subject to additional costs being paid, otherwise lesser accommodation will be offered at a lower price and the difference refunded. If this is not acceptable Cubana Holiday Homes Pvt Ltd will make a refund to the limit of the money advanced by the customer.

9          Safety of property: We do not claim that any villa or apartment is totally child friendly or safe and care should always be taken, especially around the pool area with supervision being given to children. We do make efforts to ensure that reasonable care has been taken to address matters within the borders of the properties. Some villas are better suited than others for young children and the less mobile, so we advise you to fully investigate the suitability of the property before you book. Many terrace walls are 90cms to 1 metre high, whilst others may be less. There may also be roof terraces with low walls that are not gated or blocked off. If you have any concerns about the safety of your villa please contact your representative immediately. Any genuine problems brought to our attention will be dealt with as quickly as is locally possible, if feasible. Many single storey villas have a couple of steps inside them and gardens may have some slight drops or slopes. Several villas have staircases that can be steep and occasionally have low head heights.
Telephone us and ask us as many questions as you want. If something is important to you, then do not assume something but please ask us. Despite our efforts and advice given, it is your responsibility for the care and safety of the members of your group. Cubana Holiday Homes Pvt Ltd do not take any liability for this. All our properties are non smoking.

10        Complaints Should you have a problem on your holiday, you must complete a feed back form and give this to our local representative as soon as possible. We must be given an opportunity to resolve any issues brought to our attention and reasonable allowances should be made by you regarding the amount of time taken to rectify the problem. Compensation payments will only be considered where it is proven that any reported problem had a prolonged or major impact on the enjoyment of the holiday booked. It is unreasonable to take no action whilst on holiday, but then write a letter of complaint upon return. If you do not raise concerns immediately, this may affect our ability to investigate and take remedial action and it may impact on the way your complaint is dealt with.

If a problem remains unresolved during your holiday you should make a complaint to Cubana Holiday Homes Pvt Ltd within 28 days of the completion of your holiday. We will reply to you within 28 days of receipt of your letter.  

We hope that we can settle any holiday complaints amicably, however, should this prove not to be the case, you may refer any dispute relating to this contract to an Arbitrator Details of the scheme may be obtained from the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

11        Website Description: The descriptions of our properties have been compiled following personal inspection. We have attempted to describe the accommodation on offer, but due to the individuality of the properties, it is almost impossible to cover every detail appertaining to each one in a brochure description. Furthermore all of our properties are privately owned and therefore furnishings and equipment may be replaced or updated as the owners think fit and this will not be reflected in a website picture.
We have also tried to describe the location of the properties as accurately as possible. However, village life goes on even if you are on holiday and the quiet location we may have described could suddenly become very noisy from local church or temple festivals which are celebrated throughout the year. We are not in a position to notify you of these specific festivals or events.

There may be occasions when an advertised facility is modified or not available. Such situations may be dictated by local circumstances, for example: for maintenance, water shortages, unsuitable weather conditions, fuel shortages, reduced power supplies and other circumstances beyond our control. If we are advised of any of these we will of course notify you as soon as possible but we cannot be held liable in such circumstances. It is also important to note that some facilities, such as restaurants and communal pools may not operate at all times in the season. We regret that we are unable to cover every eventuality in our website descriptions.

12        Telephone/Internet access: Our properties do not have telephone or internet lines. However, we may be able to arrange internet access via a USB connection. Please ask at the time of booking for a quotation and details.



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