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Please find below the details of the property management packages that we currently offer:

Package 1 Annual Maintenance

Package 2 Visitor Package

Package 3 Website Membership (Full)

Package 4 Website Membership (Basic)

Package 5 Bed Linen & Towels

Package 6 Handbook



Package 1: Annual Maintenance

Please note that this charge is additional to Package 2 costs should you require our services during client stays.

Secure Key holding – we will hold your key at our offices and act as your local representative for any problem, large or small.  Please note that we may require several copies of your keys depending on which packages you subscribe to. All keys will be stored in a safe when not in use.

Security Checks – Whilst your property is vacant, you need have no concerns over its condition or security.  We will regularly visit and carry out appropriate security safeguards and checks.

Please note that Eclipse Property Managenent accept no liability in the case of break ins.  It is the owner's responsibility to ensure they have adequate buildings and contents insurance to cover any losses.

Preventative Maintenance - We will carry out minor preventative maintenance activities such as airing, toilet flushing, tap running, switching on of any a/c units, cleaning once a week and laundering of curtains prior to the commencement of the season (1st October).

Please note that Cubana Holidays accept no responsibility for any extra energy/water charges incurred during the airing of the property due to the switching on of fans and a/c or the running of taps.

Annual Property Condition Report – We will provide a written report annually indicating our professional opinion on the property condition. We will recommend any preventative maintenance tasks of a minor, or indeed, major nature that we feel need to be carried out to maintain standards for the forthcoming rental season.  We are here to help you maximise your investment return.

Project Management – All property needs a high standard of maintenance to remain in good condition. Over and above the preventative maintenance activities described above, we can also source experienced craftsmen to carry out most repair activities within your home.  Whether it is painting, grouting, tiling, fitting or replacing ceiling fans, curtain poles, new power points or light fittings, we have the resources to make it happen.  We can co-ordinate and manage the project to cost effective and timely completion in your absence. Any works undertaken will be monitored by our staff on a daily basis to ensure the highest level of workmanship is maintained.

Any maintenance work required will be charged at cost + 20% and is payable prior to any works commencing.  Works will only be undertaken after express permission has been received from owner. The owner will be notified of any problems and will receive a quotation for their acceptance prior to work commencing. This cost involves the administration and supervision of the works as well as employing reputable and experienced craftsmen to carry out the works. Eclipse Property Management will not be held responsible for faults arisings from maintenance work carried out by independent contractors or unsatisfactory workmanship. All claims for refunds should be made to the contractors completing the work and not to Eclipse Property Management.



Package 2: Visitor Package      

Cleaning services before and after stay commences – We will ensure your property is always presented at it’s best. Prior to guests arriving, your property will be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom, including fresh bed linen and towels, ensuring our impeccably high standards of presentation are met for your guests approval.

Cleaning services at least 2 x weekly during stay – including bed linen and towel laundry, washing of floors, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, bin emptying and dusting.

Availability of other laundry services to client (cost to be paid directly by client)

Secure Key Holding - we will hold your key at our offices in a safe and act as your local representative for any problem, large or small.  Please note that we may require several copies of your keys depending on which packages you subscribe to. As a minimum during rental we require 3 copies.

24 hour Emergency Contact – Whether you need to contact us in the UK or Goa, or your guests are having a problem of any sort, we will be available 24 hours a day to help. 

Orientation on property – we will take your guests through the rules for the property as stipulated by you and how to work any appliances within the property, thus ensuring they are completely au fait with the operation of the property throughout their stay.     


Package 3: Membership of Website (full)       

Initial annual listing fee to facilitate the taking of photographs, optimisation for website, writing copy for advertisement incorporating the description of the local area and amenities, facilities inside and outside the property, tariff information, any special conditions, customised availability calendar and addition to booking and enquiry mediums.

Thereafter an annual membership fee is applicable, payable in advance, for continued listing and handling of bookings and enquiries regarding the property.

Minor changes to web advertisement are included. Major changes that require changes to booking and/or enquiry mediums and/or availability calendars are subject to additional charges.  Please ask at time of required change for prices.

Complete interface with guests including handling enquiries, bookings, payments and availability calendar updates.

All bookings are confirmed upon receipt of non-refundable reservation payment of 30% of total booking cost. Remaining amount is payable in full 8 weeks prior to arrival.  Should the reservation be made less than 8 weeks before arrival, the full cost of the holiday is payable to confirm the reservation.

Payments are forwarded to owner on a monthly basis minus any fees applicable.

Owner will receive email regarding booking and payment of their property.

Commission is charged at as a percentage of rental income regardless of length of stay. Initial charge is 20%, however, we have tiered rates dependent on which of our packages you subscribe to:

Tier 1 - Subscribe to Package 2 - we charge 15% commission on the rental income

Tier 2 - Subscribe to Packages 1 and 2 - we charge 12.5% commission on the rental income

Tier 3 - Subscribe to all Packages - we charge 10% commission on the rental income



Package 4: Website Membership (Basic)

This package is designed to put holidaymakers in direct contact with the owners of the rental property. We will advertise your rental property on our website for a whole year at a fixed price, which can be renewed on a yearly basis. The package includes the following services:

  • Undertake Photo shoot of property
  • Discuss level of service required from us during the period of the contract
  • Design the property web page
  • Promote the property through our website, publicity campaigns, mail shots and advertisements in various media including other web portals
  • Update any changes to the property description and photographs on our website and on other websites
  • Upload and customisation of availability calendar  


It would be very helpful if you are able to send us photographs of the internal and external of the property.

Please ensure that photos are sharp and as colourful as possible. We recommend a minimum of six photos, two external photos and four internal photos being a good guideline.
For those uploading digital images or sending images by e-mail the following sizes are recommended:
Minimum width 325 pixels for landscape photos.
Minimum width 250 pixels for portrait shape photos

Availability Calendar

All adverts will also benefit from our easy to use availability calendar which is easily updated directly by you.  An added advantage is that potential tenants can easily check the availability of your property for specific dates. It remains your responsibility to update the calendar in a timely manner and avoid double bookings. Should double bookings occur, we reserve the right to remove your property from our website.

We will NOT take a rental commission with this package. All bookings will be made directly with the owner/owner representative.


Package 5: Bed Linen & Towel Package

Good quality white cotton bed linen (bed sheets and pillow cases).

Blankets in a colour complimentary to your property (where at all possible)

Good quality cream cotton towels.

As an example a 1 double bed apartment would require 9 bed sheets, 6 towels, 6 pillow cases and 4 blankets.

This package ensures that you have enough bed linen for it to be changed 2 times weekly during visitor stays and also have one set spare should there be any unforeseen damage/stains to one of the sets being used.

This is, in our opinion, extremely important in creating the right impression with your guests.  Clean, crisp and unstained bed linen and towels is essential.  Depending on the amount of guests you have throughout the season, you may have to invest in renewing your bed linen and towels once per annum. We are happy to give our professional opinion as to when replacement is necessary.  Please bear in mind that Goan laundry methods are not as ‘gentle’ as UK methods and therefore the wear and tear on your bed linen and towel will be greater.

Note that as a standard you are not expected to provide beach towels for your guests and we would recommend a ‘house rule’ of not taking the property towels to the beach.


Package 6: Handbook

This is a one off charge to produce a handbook for your property. It will encompass descriptions of your property and any house rules, instructions for the operation of any ac units, washing machine etc contained within the property along with a guide to the services they can expect to receive whilst staying at the property.

A detailed description and guide to the local area will be included and a list of emergency contact numbers. There will be a guide the the various tourist sites to visit and a handy hints and tips that most people wouldn't be aware of unless they have visited Goa previously. We would also include a feedback form to allow visitors to give us feedback on our services as well as your property. Where the feedback form is completed, a copy will be forwarded to the owner.

The guide is presented in a good quality ringbinder with the information contained within plastic sleeves to avoid soiling or ripping from prolonged use. Upon departure of each visitor from your property, the guide will be checked and any missing pages will be reissued at no extra charge. The guide will be tailored to your property, location and any facilities you offer and will provide an invaluable information source for your visitors.



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